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Brother: A Story of Autism

Brother: Why was it important for this book to be made?
Brother: Tell us a memory you have of Carlton
Brother: Tell us about Carlton’s work and daily life
Brother: Tell us about a special moment with Carlton
Brother: What was Carlton like as a child?
Brother: Was it difficult blending the two families?
Brother: Describe the special bond between Carlton and Bridget
Brother: Tell us about Bridget’s unique qualities
Brother: How did you meet Alison and Carlton?

Activist: A Story of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Shooting

Activist: Describe how the shooting has changed your life.
Activist: How has your experience been collaborating with Zuiker Press?
Activist: What advice would you give a student concerned about gun violence?
Activist: How did March For Our Lives get started?
Activist: What are some steps to take to prevent future gun violence?
Activist: How can someone get involved if they wanted to help?

Colorblind: A Story of Racism

Colorblind: Intro
Meet Johnathan Harris
Colorblind: Interview
What life lessons have you learned from your father and mother?
What is the relationship between Johnathan and Uncle Russell?
What is the lesson of your son’s book?
What is the most beautiful thing about Johnathan?
How does your son see the world?
How did you teach your kids not to be bitter against law enforcement?
What touched you about Johnathan’s book?
Tell us about your barber shop “special” with kids.
Let’s talk about your release and reconciliation with your nephew Johnathan.
What type of future do you see for Johnathan?

Imperfect: A Story of Body Image

Imperfect: Intro
Imperfect: Interviews
What kind of child was Dounya?
Why did your daughter do this graphic novel on body dysmorphia?
Dounya’s brother Nasim testimonial and song
The importance of ‘speaking up’ and accepting help
Helpful hints to recovery
What is your message to people suffering from body dysmorphia?
When did you realize Dounya had a problem?
A heartfelt message in Arabic from Dounya’s mother, Lamia
What were your thoughts about the finished book?
What was your darkest day with your daughter?
What advice would you give parents about this disease?
What advice would you give parents about this disease?

Mend: A Story of Divorce

Mend: An Introduction
A few questions for the Recca family
Mend Photo Montage
Why did you agree to do a book about divorce?
What is the book’s message for parents dealing with divorce?
What is the book’s message for children dealing with divorce?
Why is your divorce story such a great one?
What is your hope for parents and kids dealing with divorce?
Why is a book about divorce important for kids and parents?

Click: A Story of Cyberbullying

Click: An Introduction


A few questions for the Philips Family
Click Photo Montage
Why did you agree to do a book about cyberbullying?
Do you have a message for your readers?
What was Lexi’s strongest moment during this experience?
What effect did you see cyberbullying have on Lexi?
How proud are you of your daughter?


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