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David Wilk

David Wilk has worked in almost every aspect of publishing and book distribution, print and digital, in almost every subject and format, from poetry and literary fiction, photography, art, graphic novels, children’s books, to bestselling nonfiction.  He provides services to publishers and authors, and has taught publishing and writing, and appeared at book industry conferences and events. Wilk writes about books and publishing at and talks with writers and publishers at

Rob Tokar

Rob Tokar got his start as an intern at Marvel Comics and eventually worked his way up to senior editor. He had the honor of working directly for Stan Lee for two years. After Marvel, Rob gained additional experience as a freelance editor, writer, and artist before joining TokyoPop’s editorial staff for five years, with two years as editor-in-chief. Additional editorial credits include Disney Publishing Worldwide and working on Disney properties for Joe Books. Rob is also the co-founder of Tokartoons, which creates animation for education and presentations.

Lorran Garrison

Outreach Coordinator
Lorran Garrison was raised on the island of Guam in a quirky family made up of many cultures and ethnicities. She has degrees in history and Spanish, a master’s degree in science, and is currently pursuing a master of arts in education. She loves to travel, eat and cook unique foods, read comic books, and advocate for those in need. Lorran works closely with Zuiker Press founders to find young authors to tell their stories.

Roberta Melzl

Roberta Melzl is an artist alternating between the worlds of design and studio art. She has worked extensively as a designer in publishing and media, with various companies including Viacom, Scholastic, McGraw-Hill and Random House. Roberta holds a Masters Degree in Fine Arts and has exhibited her artwork at various galleries and public art sites. She is a recipient of many awards and commissions including a New Jersey State Council on the Arts Fellowship Award.

Jeremy Townsend

Production Manager
Jeremy has been involved in book publishing for over thirty years, serving as publisher, editor, copyeditor, writer, and consultant to authors, and more recently as an e-tailer of animal books via an online store ( She lives in New Hampshire.

Shannon Lively

Educational Specialist
Shannon, voted teacher of the year in 2013, is a National Board Certified educator currently teaching fifth grade at John C. Vanderburg Elementary School in Henderson, Nevada.


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